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Videos of Wisdom Speakers

“The Wisdom Speakers: Insights and Inspiration for Wisdom Seekers”

“The Wisdom Speakers project captures messages from extraordinary “ordinary” people and spreads their wealth of knowledge in the form of short videos. In this collection you’ll find valuable information to inspire and to perhaps ignite the wisdom in you.”

Videos of John Franks, David Anderson, and Rina Upitis.

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Links to libraries and other resources from Wisdom-Centered Life

This is a great resource for those interested in wisdom and related resources, which contains links to libraries, sites, documents, and such in different languages and from different time periods.

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Definitions of Wisdom from Wisdom-Centered Life

This page gives a variety of definitions of wisdom that span different time periods (from antiquity to modernity) and different parts of the world. It also touches on the difficulty of defining wisdom and gives a few related concepts.

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Call for thoughts on the subject of wisdom from Wisdom Page

“What are the best resources for cultivating wisdom?” The page creator wants feedback on the topic of wisdom accumulation and classification.

Give your opinion

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Wise Society Index Brainstorm from Wisdom Page

Dr Bruce Lloy is conducting ‘brainstorming’ sessions on how to measure Wise Society Index. He is questioning what that index would be and how it could be measured.

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Wisdom 101 – free online course from The Wisdom Page

WISDOM 101 is a free online course in practical wisdom. It emerged from a classroom course taught by Professor Alan Nordstrom at Rollins College. It contains short chapters from Cop Macdonald’s book GETTING A LIFE and is designed to promote thinking about various everyday situations. It is made up of 22 different lessons that include introduction to wisdom topic, life-building process various challenges associated with daily living, ways of developing wise responses and attitudes toward life happenings, and some helpful ways of seeing and interpreting the data of life

Take the WISDOM 101 course

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