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An interview with John Cacioppo about loneliness from Neuronarrative

This is an interview with the director of Arete Initiative, the launcher of Defining Wisdom project. In this interview, Cacioppo talks about loneliness as social isolation and recent research on the topic.

Read the interview


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WISDOM: The Highest Aim of Life and Higher Education from The Wisdom Page

“WISDOM: The Highest Aim of Life and Higher Education” is a transcription and slides of a “Thomas P. Johnson Distiguished Visiting Scholar” talk given by Copthorne Macdonald at Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida. In this talk, he covers the following points: personal wisdom, socio-cultural wisdom, and role of higher education in development of both of these.

a href=”http://www.wisdompage.com/rollinstalk.html”>Read the talk

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The Wisdom of the World from The World Future Society

Wisdom of the World – 1000 Messages for the New Millennium is a collection of quotes and saying of the people from the past millennium addressing two questions: Where have we come from? Where are we going? It is compiled by Bruce Lloyd.
Bruce Lloyd has “collected together here well over a thousand messages, or quotations, that attempt to focus on what it would be useful for us all to learn – and pass on to future generations – if we are seriously concerned about trying to make the better place in the future. ”

Read introduction and click on letters to find quotations alphabetized by author

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Links to libraries and other resources from Wisdom-Centered Life

This is a great resource for those interested in wisdom and related resources, which contains links to libraries, sites, documents, and such in different languages and from different time periods.

Go to the website

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16th Century Wisdom Handbook from Wisdom-Centered Life

This is a description and an outline of a wisdom handbook from 16th century – Moral Philosophy of Stoics by Guillaume du Vair, which is based on the Handbook of Epictetus, a Stoic work from second century.

Read in pdf

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Wisdom 101 – free online course from The Wisdom Page

WISDOM 101 is a free online course in practical wisdom. It emerged from a classroom course taught by Professor Alan Nordstrom at Rollins College. It contains short chapters from Cop Macdonald’s book GETTING A LIFE and is designed to promote thinking about various everyday situations. It is made up of 22 different lessons that include introduction to wisdom topic, life-building process various challenges associated with daily living, ways of developing wise responses and attitudes toward life happenings, and some helpful ways of seeing and interpreting the data of life

Take the WISDOM 101 course

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The best of psychology and neuroscience on Twitter From Mind Hacks

This posts lists author’s favorite twitters who twit about neuroscience. It includes descriptions and links to their accounts.

Full Post

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