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The Wisdom of the World from The World Future Society

Wisdom of the World – 1000 Messages for the New Millennium is a collection of quotes and saying of the people from the past millennium addressing two questions: Where have we come from? Where are we going? It is compiled by Bruce Lloyd.
Bruce Lloyd has “collected together here well over a thousand messages, or quotations, that attempt to focus on what it would be useful for us all to learn – and pass on to future generations – if we are seriously concerned about trying to make the better place in the future. ”

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“What is Wisdom” from ToothyWiki

DouglasReay debates with a post form Agile Metrics about meaning of wisdom. While the author of that post argues that “Data is not Information is not Knowledge is not Experience is not Wisdom”, DouglasReay disagrees and proposes his own interpration of what is wisdom.

This post is interesting in relation to Ankur Gupta’s project “Wisdom Is Compression: Data Compression as a Mathematical Measure of Wisdom” (Project description).

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Definitions of Wisdom from Wisdom-Centered Life

This page gives a variety of definitions of wisdom that span different time periods (from antiquity to modernity) and different parts of the world. It also touches on the difficulty of defining wisdom and gives a few related concepts.

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