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An interview with John Cacioppo about loneliness from Neuronarrative

This is an interview with the director of Arete Initiative, the launcher of Defining Wisdom project. In this interview, Cacioppo talks about loneliness as social isolation and recent research on the topic.

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Messge in a Bottle from Values of the Wise

This is a tool that gives you random quotes from the site’s database. The user can define parameters of value set (Creativity, Integrity, Kindness, Passion, Development, Self-Worth, etc), author, or author’s gender and ethnicity.

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Values of the Wise™ Ethical Decision-Making Guide

Values of the Wise™ Ethical Decision-Making Guide is a test that contains 22 “Ethical Approaches”, each one having 5 questions of how enthusiastic and attractive is a certain way of action to the test taker. The feedback with ranking of ethical approaches is sent by email.

<a href=”http://www.valuesofthewise.com/Public/UniqueResources/EthicalDecision-MakingGuide/index.cfm&#8221; Take the tes

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“Jobs Are The New Assets” from Time

This is an article in Time about shifting values from land/capital to simply having a reliable job as a trend seen under the current economic crisis. It might be of interest in relation to Keith Whitaker’s project “Wisdom at Work: An Inquiry into Wealth Counseling as a Form of Practical Wisdom” (Project description)

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