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Invoke the wisdom of our senior citizens


“In our modern society there is a quest for real wisdom, wisdom that has been tested down throughout the ages.  As we look at the quality of decisions that are made today, one cannot help but wonder about the source or the wisdom of these decisions.  In a school or a community these decisions are constantly rendered and then tested based on their merit and the wisdom of the day.  As an educator I often wonder about the diminishing wisdom that is evident in our lives, our schools and our communities.  We must return to a time when wisdom instead of folly ruled the day.

There is a segment of our society that seems to have this wisdom that is lacking.  When you talk to our senior citizens you sometimes receive this wisdom in a simple statement, adage, thought, gesture or activity.  Senior citizens bring an added quality and quantity of wisdom.  Their times were far less complicated, their wisdom most profound.  Our generation today can glean some wise insights into life, living, family and community if they would listen to the wisdom of their seniors.  It is amazing that true wisdom does not change with time; you could say that it is timeless.  Our senior citizens possess a kind of timeless wisdom.  Their words ring true today as it did sixty or more years ago.  Perhaps we should honor them more because of their outstanding contributions.”

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