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WRITTEN BY SAL BARBA | Mukilteobeacon.com

“As we look within and around us, we realize that nothing exists in isolation, meaning everything is interdependent. Inching our way into a closer glimpse at those dimensions of our self, and into the self of others, we begin to realize that everything depends upon an infinite number of causes and conditions for something to arise into existence.

We become more deeply aware of the fragility of our humanity, and we hold ourselves and others in kindness and concern. As we become open and courageous; our illusions becomes evident. For example, many of us look in the mirror and discover that we really don’t want to see an ordinary person. We want to see a special person rather then someone who is struggling, who is selfish, arrogant, afraid, deceptive, neurotic, and have obstacles and problems.

Therefore, the conflict between what we see and what we don’t see potentially causes us tremendous pain. We avoid seeing ourselves as vulnerable to birth, old age, sickness, hardship and death. Unawake, we are imprisoned in the agony of self-importance, as well as the illusion of permanence; and when impermanence creeps into our reality, rarely do we welcome it with a smile and an open heart!”

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September 23, 2009 - Posted by | Wisdom Blog posts

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