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The Wisdom of Whales

by Isha Judd | Care2.com

“Self-acceptance is inherent in all animals and can be best understood by observing nature. At Puerto Madryn in Argentina, for example, dozens of right whales come to breed in the calm waters surrounding the Valdes Peninsula. It is amazing to get close to such enormous creatures. They are the biggest animals in the world and surely among the most powerful, yet all they do is radiate love. It’s incredible. It’s all you can feel. They are pure peace, pure love, and yet they are so big. They look at you lazily through the shimmering water as if you’re some rare breed of insect, and then down they go again.

The whales come with their babies, and those babies drink two thousand liters of milk a day. So poor Mom spends most of her time nursing. All the baby wants to do is feed – he’d be happy to drink ten thousand liters of milk a day. When she gets tired of feeding him, she rolls over onto her back so he can’t reach her nipples. The baby starts slapping Mom with his tail in an attempt to make her roll over. It’s a relatively powerful thing to have a baby whale slapping you with its tail, but Mom just lies there in perfect peace. She lets him have his little temper tantrum and continues to rest, even when he’s getting annoyed. She doesn’t judge herself; she doesn’t think, I shouldn’t get tired so easily. I’m not giving enough to my children, poor things. Animals never judge themselves. To them everything is perfect.”

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As school re-opens, our young people need wisdom

By Elder John Settles | Register Columnist

““Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore get wisdom: and with thy getting, get understanding.” (Proverbs: 4:7)

Schools are back in session all across our nation. Our educational system is facing great challenges on both the kindergarten-through-high school level and on the college level. While great opportunities for learning abound for our young people, great obstacles also await them.

Most people I talk to feel that one of the big problems with our educational system is that God has been taken out of the classroom.

When I was a young boy in grade school, we had daily devotions, complete with scripture and prayer. Today, the classroom is much different. No prayer or Bible reading is allowed. I tell our young people at church to keep a prayer in their hearts and the word of God fresh on their mind.

David taught Solomon as a young boy that seeking God’s wisdom was the most important choice he could make. Solomon learned that lesson well. When God appeared to the new king and offered to fulfill his any request. Solomon chose wisdom above all else.

Our young people should also make God’s wisdom their first choice. They can do this by asking God for wisdom through prayer. Amen.”

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The Wisdom Of Crowds Has No Use For Predicting The Lottery

By Michael Giberson | Knowledgeproblem.com

“English illusionist Derren Brown hosted a live television show last week during which he appeared to have predicted winning lottery numbers. He subsequently claimed (among other things) that he used the “wisdom of crowds” to generate the prediction.

In a follow-up show last night, watched by 3 million people, Brown said he used “a powerful, beautiful secret that can only be achieved when we all put our heads together.”

He went on to say that he had gathered a panel of 24 people who wrote down their predictions after studying the last year’s worth of numbers.

The guesses for each ball were then added up and divided by 24 to get the average guess.

Brown said it took a while to perfect the “deep maths” technique.

According to him, the predictions were correct because of the “wisdom of the crowd” theory which suggests that a large group of people making average guesses will come up with the correct figure as an average of all their attempts.”

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