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The Point of ‘Wisdom’


“What good does wisdom do in this sophisticated world, where we have to keep up with the latest technological developments and newest business and marketing concepts in order to “be part of it”? To sit around with a white beard and be wise, telling stories to the little children, and giving advice to young adults, this seems more an idea of wisdom from a past of simple village life. This world is changing in such an accelerated pace driven by business, technology and science. What does that have to do with being ‘wise’ and ‘telling stories’? We need to learn new and sophisticated skills and be PRODUCTIVE!

This sedated kind of story telling wisdom has no place in this world. There isno time for it. And even if there was time, we would not be able to connect to the wisdom point, because we are already thinking about what to do next, what we have planned; or we think about what happened before, and how we are affected by it in the future. We are constantly under stress between our past and future. Even if we had the time, we would not be able to actuallymake the kind of time that connects us to the innate wisdom of life.”

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September 4, 2009 - Posted by | Wisdom Blog posts

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