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What’s the difference between intelligence and wisdom?

By Réne Girard

“Have you ever considered the difference between intelligence and wisdom? Have you ever heard someone make a distinction between being intelligent and being smart? Smart usually involves intelligence, but the difference is wisdom.

Wisdom is the key. Wisdom is discernment. Applied knowledge. It involves understanding. How you should handle a particular situation. That’s why throughout all of time “wise men” have been revered and sought out. Because they hold the keys to man’s greatest dilemmas and inner needs.

Intelligence is often associated with having a high I.Q.. Someone who seems to know a lot, or does well in school, may have a high I.Q., but they may not be very smart. They may have “book smarts” but not “street smarts.” They may not exhibit common sense, which many people now say is not so common any more. Why? Because so many people seem to lack wisdom and understanding.”

Read the article.

September 1, 2009 - Posted by | Wisdom Blog posts

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