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A book about wisdom of arranged marriages by Reva Seth

“First Come Marriages: Modern Relationship Advice from the Ancient Wisdom of Arranged Marriages” is a book by Reva Seth about the benefits of arranged marriages based on shared cultural and religious values and initiated by parents, who may know their children best.

This book might be of interest in relation to Ute Kunzmann’s project “Wisdom-Related Knowledge and Behavior during Social Conflict”.

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Messge in a Bottle from Values of the Wise

This is a tool that gives you random quotes from the site’s database. The user can define parameters of value set (Creativity, Integrity, Kindness, Passion, Development, Self-Worth, etc), author, or author’s gender and ethnicity.

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Wisdom and Wilderness from The Wisdom Page

“Wisdom and Wilderness” is an article by Joseph W. Meeker published in LANDSCAPE about the complex relationship of wisdom, wilderness, and humans. “Wilderness is to nature as wisdom is to consciousness.”

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WISDOM: The Highest Aim of Life and Higher Education from The Wisdom Page

“WISDOM: The Highest Aim of Life and Higher Education” is a transcription and slides of a “Thomas P. Johnson Distiguished Visiting Scholar” talk given by Copthorne Macdonald at Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida. In this talk, he covers the following points: personal wisdom, socio-cultural wisdom, and role of higher education in development of both of these.

a href=”http://www.wisdompage.com/rollinstalk.html”>Read the talk

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World Wisdom in Action by Alan Tonkin

“World Wisdom in Action” is a short article by Alan Tonkin published in Kosmos Journal. It discusses wisdom as taken in a global perspective and addresses the question of wisdom acquisition – is it done through formal learning or experience? Tonkin defines some of the different values found in cultures around the world and relates that to general wisdom discourse.

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Values of the Wise™ Ethical Decision-Making Guide

Values of the Wise™ Ethical Decision-Making Guide is a test that contains 22 “Ethical Approaches”, each one having 5 questions of how enthusiastic and attractive is a certain way of action to the test taker. The feedback with ranking of ethical approaches is sent by email.

<a href=”http://www.valuesofthewise.com/Public/UniqueResources/EthicalDecision-MakingGuide/index.cfm&#8221; Take the tes

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“Values, Wisdom, and Action” by Copthorne Macdonald

This is an article by the creator of Wisdom Page Copthorne Macdonald that appeared in Kosmos Journal. In it, he underlines “how outwardly acquired intellectual knowledge and inwardly acquired insightful knowledge imbue transformative action with wisdom and make it maximally effective.” (Kosmos introduction)

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The Wisdom of the World from The World Future Society

Wisdom of the World – 1000 Messages for the New Millennium is a collection of quotes and saying of the people from the past millennium addressing two questions: Where have we come from? Where are we going? It is compiled by Bruce Lloyd.
Bruce Lloyd has “collected together here well over a thousand messages, or quotations, that attempt to focus on what it would be useful for us all to learn – and pass on to future generations – if we are seriously concerned about trying to make the better place in the future. ”

Read introduction and click on letters to find quotations alphabetized by author

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“The Wisdom Imperative” from The Wisdom Page

The Wisdom Imperative by Alan Nordstrom is a short essay about wisdom as human happiness and Wisdom Tradition as long heritage of happy living.

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“Whatever happened to wisdom?” from The Wisdom Page

“Whatever happened to wisdom?” – an excerpt from a column by Jerry Ortiz y Pino in the Santa Fe Reporter.

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